Milas Bodrum Airport (BXN)
Ground Transport and Car Parking

(Bodrum, Mugla, Turkey)

Transport from Bodrum Airport has largely been commandeered by taxi drivers, due to strict licensing regulations on all passenger-carrying vehicles. A signboard posted by the taxi rank displays stiff fares in USD, which are set at fixed rates for all local destinations. The Havas airport shuttle bus provides transit to the bus station at the centre of Bodrum.

Beyond these two options, the only other possibility is a two- kilometre walk to the highway where coaches and minibuses regularly pass by. Taxi drivers will refuse transport to passengers wishing to go only as far as the highway.

Upon exiting airport grounds, buses become the most desirable form of public transport in Bodrum. Regular bus and coach transport links the whole country. The trip to Istanbul, at 450 km / 280 miles, takes approximately six hours.

General Parking Facilities

A small car park sits adjacent to each terminal. Short-term rates are suitable for those only leaving their vehicle for a few hours or a day. Passengers wishing to park for a day or longer can make use of long-term parking rates.

Both lots are located within walking distance of the terminal they service. Disabled passengers and those needing special assistance should contact their individual airlines or the information desk for assistance.

Bodrum Airport BXN

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