Milas Bodrum Airport (BXN)
Airlines, Terminals and Facilities

(Bodrum, Mugla, Turkey)

Bodrum Airport consists of two passenger terminals, one dedicated to domestic flights and the other to international.

The two terminals are situated 1 km / 0.5 miles apart, and walking across the grassy fields between them takes approximately fifteen minutes, while walking on the paved road between the terminals takes slightly longer. Outbound flights from Milas Bodrum Airport head daily to Istanbul, as well as several international destinations.

This is a relatively new and growing airport with modern facilities and a spacious International Terminal.

Information counters are located in the main concourses of both terminals. Those looking to shop while they wait may be somewhat disappointed with Bodrum Airport as options are limited. There is a café selling beverages and a bite to eat; and the North Shield Pub serves alcoholic beverages along with traditional pub fare. A phone shops sells international calling cards.

Exchange services are available in the airport and ATMs are located throughout both terminals. Passengers requiring business facilities may inquire at the information desk or proceed to one of the nearby hotels in Bodrum or Milas for more comprehensive facilities.

Disabled passengers are taken care of at Bodrum Airport. Those in need of special assistance may contact their individual airlines to make specific arrangements.

Bodrum Airport BXN

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